Thursday, September 3, 2009

Dinosaur Costume!!!

Ok, so here are the pictures of the dinosaur costume I've been working on. I have all of the pieces. Now, I just need a hoodie and pants to stitch the spikes onto. I am so excited to have this much done! I will definitely post pictures when it is completed. To explain the pictures: The tail is pretty obvious :); there are two large spikes and four medium spikes; the feet fit on top of the shoe and tie around the ankle. I can't wait to see this on my little man when I'm done. I had to come up with the patterns on my own, so I will post those if anyone is interested in them.

Large: 15 sc across, 14 rows of 15 sc, finish off with border
Medium: 12 sc across, 11 rows of 12 sc, finish off with border
Small: 9 sc across, 8 rows of 9 sc, finish off with border

Fold diagonally and stitch together

You can do as many as you need depending on the child's size. I used 1 large and 2 medium for the hood. 1 large and 2 medium for the back. 1 large, 1 medium, and 1 small for the tail. The finishing spike for the tail is an odd shaped triangle that went wrong. :) haha!

Chain 4 then join together to form a ring. Sc in each st and increase by one at the end of the round. Continue to sc in each st and increase by one at the end of each round until your tail grows to the length and width you desire. My son is almost 2 years old, and I stopped when I reached a round with 40 sts.
It was easier for me to sew on the spikes before I stuffed the tail. I only slightly stuffed mine so that it wasn't too bulky. I then stitched together the end of the tail. I have yet to stitch the tail onto the pants, so we'll see how that goes! :)

Beginning row and second row are 15 sts across. Decrease by one at the beginning and end of the next row so that you have 13 sts. Sc all the way across in the 4th row. Decrease by one at the beginning and end of the 5th row ending with 11 sts. Crochet 9 more rows of 11 sts or until you reach your desired length. My son wears a size 6 toddler shoe, so I made mine to fit him.

For the strings and border: Chain 30 stitches for one string, then begin crocheting down the wrong side of the foot piece, around the toe area, then back up the other side. When you reach the end, chain 30 for the other string then finish off.

Toes/Claws: I made 6 small triangles for the claws. Beginning row has 5 sts across, chain one then decrease at the beginning and end of each row until you until you end with a row of 1 stitch. I completed all six in about 30 minutes, so they take hardly no time at all!

COST: I did all of this with two skeins of the Sugar n' Creme cotton yarn at less than $2 a roll. This took me about a week to complete with lots of breaks due to chasing around a toddler. :)

If you have any questions about the patterns, just let me know! Enjoy!

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  1. That is ADORABLE!!! Great job! I can't wait to see him wearing it :)