Monday, October 5, 2009

I haven't been doing the "Not MY Child" postings lately simply because I didn't feel I had anything interesting to blog about. But there comes a point when your child enters the "Terrible Twos" stage, and you find that you have an abundance of events to share with everyone. So to begin....Please keep in mind that all of these events happened before 12 pm today!

Even though my child is not quite 2 yet, he has NOT started exhibiting two year old behavior...better known as the...Terrible...Twos...

He has NOT learned to use the word 'No' on a regular basis. Even if he means 'Yes' the word 'No' still comes out. *sigh* It has begun....

While Caedmon was playing with the computer this morning (the one we don't use anymore), he did NOT decide to pick up our Garmin and start playing with it. After going to time-out (he had already been warned), he did NOT go straight to the Garmin and start playing with it again.

Hang on...this gets better......

I decided to make a breakfast casserole for lunch, and I did not hear the oven door being opened after I had left the room. That was NOT MY child playing with a HOT oven!!! I don't even remember sprinting to the kitchen to grab my child. I was also NOT so overcome with fear that I hugged him instead of punished him....Nope, that was NOT my darling boy.

And the grand finale to our eventful morning: As I was on the computer...umm...checking facebook (instead of watching my child), Caedmon did NOT start playing on our bed. As I turn around to tell him to get down, I did NOT see him swinging from the blinds!!! He then catapulted himself off of the side table with his feet, swing around, and land on the floor with our blinds on top of him. In this process, he also did NOT knock off a lamp, two picture frames, and a vase. This is definitely NOT my boy! (Thankfully, there was no injury. Just a few tears...oh, and Caedmon cried too.)


  1. I definitely remember those days...and I am sure it'll be even more fun when Austin gets to that stage. Hang in there :)

  2. I can not help but laugh.. to know that I will one day be there too. Sorry that it was such a rough morning, but it sure does make for great stories and memories. I say that because he was not hurt during the process. If he had been the stories probably wouldn't be so entertaining.

    Also...In reply to your comment on my blog...
    Right now we are using Pampers Swaddlers. Huggies aren't working for us very well. They leak (every time) and, well... Pampers are the choice for us at this point and time. But I do have TONS of coupons for Huggies if you would like them. I can bring them to you.

    Also... the grocery game is amazing. I posted a blog about it. I highly recommend it!