Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Things I Love Thursday

This is my first Things I Love Thursday!
There are so many things I want to post, but I'll just have to take them week by week.  I love flavored tea! Not just any flavored tea...tea that is actually good for you and does your body good!

Tea #1 Mother's Milk

Why I like it:
1. It doesn't taste so bad...kind of a licorice flavor but not too strong.
2. You can reuse each tea bag by doubling it up with a brand new one.
3. You use it until reach your desired milk production.
4. And last but not increases your milk supply while you're nursing or pumping!

I love love love this tea!

Tea #2 Raspberry Leaf Tea
Why I like it:
1. It tastes great with a little honey!
2. It balances out your female system.
3. It's ok to drink before, during and after pregnancy.
4. In less than a month, it regulated my monthly cycle!


  1. I'll have to give the Raspberry Leaf tea a try!!!

  2. I absolutely adore Mother's Milk Tea. I drank it throughout my entire nursing relationship so far (she's 11 months now), and I could always tell a difference if I skipped a few days. I have not had their raspberry leaf tea, but in the past have had their nighttime blend, a great way to relax before bed! Great item to feature on TILT :)

  3. I love all the different varieties Traditional Medicinals has out there, but I've only tried one since I haven't seen opinions on the others. Peppermint tea was familiar to me so I bought it. It supposedly helps with "healthy digestion" - it works well after I've eaten too much or something my body doesn't agree with. I don't have little ones yet, but I'll keep in mind the two teas you mentioned. Thanks!

  4. I need to try that Mother's Milk tea. I think my milk supply is good, but it can't hurt right. I am going to be on the lookout for it. Thanks so much for participating in Things I Love Thursday.