Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Watching Over You

I had an awful dream last night...you know the dreams that make you feel weird when you wake up? I don't know why I have dreams about people and bad things happening to them. All I can think is that maybe the Lord wants me to pray for that person. There has been more than one occasion where this has happened, and something did in fact happen in that person's life.
All of that to say, I was praying that the Lord would watch over this person, but then I thought that was all wrong. It seems so routine to ask God to 'watch over' someone dear to us. But doesn't God do so much more than 'watch over' us? Man! It hit me today that God doesn't want to just watch over us. He wants to be actively involved in even the smallest details in our lives! Of course I knew this, but God spoke this simple truth to me today as I was going about my day. Just a simple reminder that He not only watches over us, but He gets involved with us as well!
Anyway, just wanted to share what the Lord put on my heart today. :) May the Lord be an active part of your day today!


  1. Thank u for this great reminder. To not only ask God to watch over us but have him directly involved. What a wonderful thought to know that he really does want to know all things!
    Blessings to u- may u feel His presence today.

  2. Very good reminder. Funny how simple things can one day feel so profound.