Friday, September 18, 2009


The Fuller Family

Today I am going to....

Spend some much needed time with my little man. He's been having some emotional breakdowns lately, and I think it's due to our busy schedule we've recently acquired!

Not take my sweet husband for granted. I think it's easy to do this until you hear about someone whose spouse isn't quite so considerate or loving. It makes you rethink things and look at your husband with a new found admiration for being so good to you! Jason has come to my rescue so many days when I've needed his emotional support...especially the first year after having a new baby! :) He's my hero!

Scout out some good deals on shoes and jeans for Caedmon!!! Of course I'm like most women who love shopping, but I get really excited when I find good deals! Anything that saves us money is exciting. :)

Pray for so many people in my life who are going through hard situations or just need wisdom in their parenting decision making! I never prayed for wisdom more than I have since I've become a parent, especially now that we're dealing with how to effectively discipline our son in a firm, loving, Christ-like way!

Love you all and hope you have a blessed weekend!

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