Monday, September 21, 2009

So here are a couple of things I felt like sharing. :)

I found this fall arrangement at a yard sale for $3!!! Yay! The yard sale was full of donated items to help a couple from our Life Group with their adoption process. Even though it's September, I am so ready for fall! I just wish we could be back in Alabama to enjoy the beautiful changing of the leaves. :) Fall is a little different out here in Texas, but it still has the same feel about it. Any more ideas on how to decorate my house??? I also recently bought the Leaves fragrance room spray from Bath & Body Works. I highly recommend it!

Next, I wanted to share our new behavior plan for Caedmon. We're trying the time-out thing, and it works pretty well for the most part. Caedmon likes to play while in time-out, so he now has to put his hands in his lap. This has been pretty effective for us. He still likes to test his boundaries with us though!
I thought I would try a sticker chart to see how it goes. Little man will be 2 in December, so I'm not sure how much of this he actually 'gets'. He loves Elmo, and I found a pack of 30 of these little charts and Sesame Street stickers for $1 each at Target. He gets a sticker each evening if he doesn't sit in time-out all day, and he gets to pick from the treasure box after he gets three. Not sure how effective this method will be or if it's too early to start something like this. We'll see!!! :)

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