Thursday, December 31, 2009

Snowy Day Craft

Full of Scrap!

Before I explain my craft project, I have to explain the name of this post. :) With our last name being Fuller, my husband has named his business Full Circle Designs. In the past, I have made cute, themed paint cans that I named Scrapbuckets. So from now on, all of my craft projects will be titled Full of Scrap! I may even make a new button to go along with it. :) Does it sound vulgar? repulsive? crude? Maybe, but I like it!

Now, on to the Snowy Day Craft...

Location: Hobby Lobby

Materials: 7 Chip Board Letters, 7 pieces of scrapbook paper
small amount of paint, spray adhesive, 2 brackets for hanging

Cost: Letters @ $1.77 each
Paper @ $.59 each (week
ly ad had it 1/2 off!)
Glue @ $2.99 (C
hristmas was 1/2 off!)
Elmer's Spray Adhesive
@ $2.99

Of course it comes out better if you already have a small amount of paint and adhesive on hand! It also depends on the amount of letters you need, but I still consider this a pretty inexpensive project. Hobby Lobby also has small wooden letters for $.99.
Another note to mention is that I used hot glue to put my letters together. I had to reinforce it with more glue on the back as well. Stubborn letters may require a small screw on the back.

I'll be adding more to this project in the next few days! :)

I also think when we can move into a more permanent place (and can paint), this would really pop out against a nice orange or blue!

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