Friday, January 1, 2010

What a Journey!

Wow! It's 2010 already! It seems just like yesterday we were all worried about Y2K! Ha!
Man, have a lot of things happened in the last 10 years...but I'll just blog about the last year. :)
My sweet friend, Myra, included something similar on her page, so I thought I'd copy it!

2009 Highlights
  • I went from staying home full time to working two part time jobs. One allows me to work from home most of the time, and the other one is teaching a PreK class at our church with our MDO program.
  • Caedmon is also attending a class two days a week and is making new friends!
  • Caedmon broke his arm when he ran down the hall with a book and fell on his wrist at 18 months old.
  • We've made some new friends!
  • October marked one year since we've moved to Texas from Alabama.
  • My crocheting side 'business' has really picked up, and I've been able to make a little additional income.
2010 Goals

  • Getting a regular cleaning routine!
  • Try to tone up my 'mommy tummy' for myself and my husband. :)
  • Staying more organized in our humble rental.
  • Keeping my eyes fixed on the Lord and growing in my walk with Him.
  • Continue striving to be a lady of grace and character.
  • Continue reducing our debt one small chunk at a time!
  • Developing a tighter budget to help us do this.
  • Continue on my road to saving money through sales and coupons.
  • Save more and spend less!
  • Daily devotions as a family.
  • Doing a memory scripture with our family every week.
  • Praying over our home and family more.
  • Being more mindful of what we allow into our home by what we watch, listen, and speak.
  • Having a more Christ-like attitude.
  • Continue daily Bible readings with Caedmon.

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