Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Homegrown Goodness

I was going to post last week about our trip to the farmer's market downtown, but due to a kidney stone interrupting my week, that didn't happen. I absolutely love homegrown veggies and fruits! The taste is far better in my opinion than anything you'll find in a grocery store. When my Cman was a baby, I tried to grab up as much homegrown goodies as I could. It was great living in the country where people would bring their abundance to church and pass it out! I never declined. :) It saved us SO much money to make his baby food from scratch. It only took about 3-4 hours of my day to make up batches of fruits and veggies. I only had to do that every 2-3 weeks, so it was well worth my time! Here are some pictures of our farmer's market from last weekend. At the end, I'll include links on how to prepare fruits and veggies for freezing. I'll also include a link on making your own baby food. So yummy! :)
 This picture absolutely makes me miss my Mama's cooking!
Is your mouth watering yet? Mine is!
Can't you just smell those yummy, juicy peaches?!
The sweet ladies at this table even let you taste some of their canned goodies!
Oh yeah...these are pretty much amazing...

I am so looking forward to the farmer's market this weekend. We don't fry hardly anything at all, but some crisp, green tomatoes are calling my name!

How to prepare some of this homegrown goodness for your freezer:

Making your own baby food:
These are some links I found useful.

I used a food processor to make foods softer, but when he was ready to move up to food with more texture I used a Grinder/Mill. This way, he could eat things we ate like casseroles, spaghetti, etc.


  1. Hey! Just came across your blog. I love it! So, I wanted to say "hi!" Oh, by the way, this is Anna Claire's mommy:).

  2. I can't have any more children because of my health but I always said (before I knew I couldn't) that if I ever had any more I would prepare all of their baby food organically. I love this idea. I do have a niece who is five months old so I am going to pass this on to my sister. Who knows, I may just make her a batch myself! =) Thanks for the post! Hope you are doing well!