Monday, June 28, 2010

New News!

Well..not really 'new' news, but I haven't posted on here yet that we are expecting another precious baby in January! After losing a baby in April, I was wanting to wait a few more months to try again. I was still so emotional and would break down into tears at nearly everything. I wasn't pregnant that long with our sweet baby, but it still hurt deeply. That was incredibly surprising to me, and I wasn't prepared to be so emotional. After talking to my husband, we decided to trust God with getting pregnant again like we had done before. However, it took me 4 months to get pregnant with our angel baby. So we weren't expecting to get pregnant again so soon. Seriously....I didn't even have a cycle between losing our baby and finding out I was pregnant again!!!
This was another range of emotions I did not expect! I was happy to be pregnant, but it was just hard to imagine having another baby in there. I almost felt like I should still be pregnant with the first baby. I felt guilty for having a completely different baby in there and not being able to carry the one we lost. I know that sounds crazy, but all moms know how the feeling of guilt will come over you for some of the silliest reasons!
We waited to tell family and close friends until we had our 6 week appointment and got to see the precious baby's heart flickering on the screen. That was a precious sight! The un-telling of our previous pregnancy was so hard, and I never wish to repeat that! We had our 9 week ultrasound a couple of weeks ago, and we got to see our sweet baby again and its little arm and leg buds. :) It had a good, strong heartbeat of 181 bpm! My husband has the ultrasound pics and has yet to scan and send them to me, so I will post pics of our precious baby soon! I will be 12 weeks this Wednesday, and things are going along smoothly. I am nauseated and completely exhausted! It takes all the energy I have just to wash dishes or do a load of laundry. I don't remember this with Caedmon, but I know every pregnancy is different. Please forgive my lack of posts! I get on here. Look at my blog and realize I am way behind. Maybe my energy and creativity will return soon. :)

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  1. Congrats! My sister in law just went through the same thing around the same time you did. They have a two year old girl and lost a baby back in January. She is now going on 6 weeks pregnant again! They got to see the heart beat last week and it was a true blessing! You guys will be in our prayers!!!