Friday, July 2, 2010

Pregnancy Fails...

This is my first time to participate in a Friday Fails post! Yay! I hope I can actually remember all of my fails here lately, but my pregnancy brain may not allow me!

Fail #1 - Laundry....My laundry is piled in my bedroom, the hallway and on top of the dryer. This is definitely not my style, but I am completely and utterly exhausted! I'm doing good to just get one load done in a day. My poor guys...I have to make sure every night that they have clean underwear for the next day! My laundry has become a thorn in my side...I blame it on the pregnancy. :)

Fail #2 - Grocery Shopping...Another topic I choose to blame on pregnancy. For one thing, I can either get a shower before my 2 year old wakes up or while he's napping. Usually, it's while he's napping, because I just can't bring myself to wake up before 8:00 in the morning to shower. So that means, my grocery shopping doesn't get done until  I shower. Most afternoons, I feel too exhausted to go grocery shopping, so that means it doesn't get done! Definitely a fail!

Fail #3 - Potty training....not so much the act of potty training. That's actually going great! It's the persistent urine smell that comes from potty training a boy. He misses the runs down the toilet...etc. I have cleaned and cleaned and can not figure out where this smell is coming from! Until today...I picked up the rug (by the tub, in front of the toilet). Gag! That's where the smell was coming from, and I almost threw up! After looking at the care instructions, I discovered that I get to hand wash this lovely rug, so it's now soaking in the tub. Big fail...

Ok, so this was fun, but I'm truly hoping I don't have to participate every week! lol The way I'm acting, I'm sure I will though!

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  1. Haha.. you are too funny. I needed that laugh. I too HATE laundry. I would help you get caught up, but I might just throw everything out and buy you new stuff. That's how much I despise it. As for potty training... eww! Not something I am looking forward to :)