Thursday, July 1, 2010

Ohh The Things I Love....

As a mommy, wife or just some who needs/loves to cook, I believe these items are musts! I received these items as part as a gift last Christmas, and I am absolutely in love! I use this cookware for almost everything! I've never bought items from Pampered Chef for myself, but these gifts definitely turned me on to them!
This Classic Batter Bowl is perfect for any kind of measuring, mixing or storing I need to do! No matter how small or large (up to 8 cups), I use this all the time! I used this for the Berry Yummy Popsicles I recently posted about!

Another one of my favorites is the Cookie Sheet. Its non-stick surface allows cookies to be lifted off easily. However, only plastic or wooden spatulas should be used. I found out quickly that metal spatulas scrape the surface!

Another love of mine?? The Stackable Cooling Rack is absolutely wonderful! I usually don't make just 12 cookies at a time. Most of the time, I'm having to bake for a special even or occasion, so I need something to help my cookies cool faster. This cooling rack is it! I often wonder what I did before I received this item. :)

Ok, so that's it for today! It must be noted that I do not represent Pampered Chef in any way! I'm not a consultant, and I have never been a hostess. I was not compensated in any form for my opinion. I received these items as gifts from a family member, and I love them so much I thought everyone else should know. So there.

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  1. I have that mixing bowl and I love love love it too!
    Visiting from TILT...great post!

  2. You are cute.. "so there". I hear about the PC. I never buy anything from them but I LOVE all that I get as gifts.

  3. I love PC items. I have so many yet have never been a consultant and had a party maybe once probably 7 years ago. LOL!

  4. I am glad you liked your Christmas gifts. I had fun getting them for you. I have TONS of PC and I get it by hosting fun parties. My friends buy stuff they like and I get lots of free stuff. Of course, I buy some, too!